When an progressing teaser was expelled in March, it garnered evident pushback online for relocating a movement from Tokyo to Seattle and display small element with Stanfield or anyone from a expel who was not white.

That teaser came out amidst a media charge around issues of whitewashing, many privately in a new big-budget film instrumentation of “Ghost in a Shell,” and perceived many of a same criticism. Whether it was finished in response to such criticisms, a new trailer facilities some-more footage of Stanfield and Paul Nakauchi, both actors of color.

“Death Note” writer Roy Lee has been concerned with many projects that remade Asian cinema by relocating a movement stateside, many famously with a “Ring” movies.

In an talk with Buzzfeed, Lee remarkable that he had never before perceived such a response to one of his adaptations, adding, “People can impugn it, though I’d contend that they should see a film first. … Then they could credit us of not carrying a different adequate cast.”

With new ‘Death Note’ trailer, will Netflix overcome whitewashing concerns?

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