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Here’s a sampling of a headlines we’ve seen around a Internet during a final week or so for a trailer Goodnight, Mommy.

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Those headlines might sound like clickbait hyperbole, though that doesn’t meant they’re not true. I’ve seen a lot of fear cinema and fear film trailers, and we don’t consider I’ve ever seen a trailer as terrifying, as creepy, and as unsettling as a one for Goodnight, Mommy.

The German film tells a story of twin brothers whose mom comes home after cosmetic medicine in bandages, and is no longer a lady she claims to be. In a bizarre twist, it’s not a twins who are creepy here. It’s a mom.

Reviews out of film festivals have corroborated adult most of a hype in a headlines. Goodnight, Mommy is due in theaters on Sep 11, when we can find out for ourselves if it’s indeed a scariest film of all-time.

In a meantime, spin on all a lights before we watch a trailer.

Watch What The Internet Is Calling The Scariest Movie Trailer Of All-Time

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