“Downsizing” has generated jumbo-sized hum during a Venice Film Festival — not slightest as viewers discuss how to report it.

Is it a scholarship novella film, a regretful comedy, a domestic parable, an baleful thriller? Alexander Payne’s film mixes all those elements in a story of a man, played by Matt Damon, who tries to solve his problems by timorous himself.

Payne says that notwithstanding a sci-fi grounds and general canvas, “Downsizing” is not so opposite to a films he’s best famous for — funny-sad stories of center aged or Midwestern strugglers such as “About Schmidt,” ”Sideways” and “Nebraska.”

“It has a same clarity of amusement and fundamentally a same tone,” Payne told reporters in Venice Wednesday.

That tinge alternately undetermined and anxious viewers in Venice, where a film has a celebration premiere in a festival’s desired opening-night spot. Several new Venice openers, including “Gravity” and “La La Land,” have left on to win mixed Academy Awards.

“Downsizing” has mixture that could assistance it strike a identical chord with audiences and awards voters: a likable, bankable star in Damon; a clever ancillary expel that includes Kristen Wiig and Christophe Waltz; and an talented story laced with care and humor.

The film relates Payne’s devious eye for tellurian foibles to a tract that explores a energy and boundary of scholarship and a hazard of environmental catastrophe.

The book by Payne and Jim Taylor opens with a Norwegian scientist creation a breakthrough he thinks will save humanity: a technique that can cringe people to 5 inches (12 cm) tall.

That means they use a little fragment of a resources they once did — and need to compensate less, permitting people of medium means to grow now abounding by apropos small.

The film has fun devising what a miniaturized universe would be like, as Damon goes to live in a oppulance micro-city, a arrange of retirement village for a tiny.

Then it takes a critical spin to ask either scholarship could be humanity’s salvation, or either stubbornly erroneous tellurian inlet is expected to be a species’ undoing.

Along a way, a film that started in a informed Payne domain of Omaha, Nebraska, takes viewers all a approach to an subterraneous fort in a Norwegian fjord.

Many will find a tour unexpected, though reviewers in Venice were mostly happy to be swept along for a ride. The Guardian called a film a “spry, nuanced, winningly digressive movie,” while a Hollywood Reporter pronounced it was “captivating, funny” and “deeply humane.”

Ultimately, a film rests on Payne’s knack for depicting tellurian relationships. Damon’s Paul becomes friends with a louche European neighbor, played by Waltz, and develops feelings for Ngoc Lan, a former Vietnamese domestic restrained operative as a residence cleaner.

Actress Hong Chau (“Treme,” ”Inherent Vice”) is already being talked of as a intensity awards hopeful for her opening as a energetic and formidable character.

“This is a impression that is routinely in a background, that is low-status impression in a culture, and not one that we typically see in a forefront of a story,” she said. “That was such a pleasure to be means to review on a page and afterwards also as an actor to be means to portray.”

“Downsizing” is a latest ordinary-Joe purpose for Damon, who exudes a amiable everyman-under-duress peculiarity either he’s movement favourite Jason Bourne or a stranded wanderer in “The Martian.”

Damon pronounced he thinks cinema “are a biggest apparatus for consolation that we have.”

“What we adore about this — what we adore about a lot of these stories that we get to assistance tell — is it shows a relatable impression whose life is opposite from a possess though who we find common means with,” he said.

“Ultimately we consider this is a pleasing and confident movie. A publisher pronounced to me, that we suspicion was unequivocally great: This is Alexander’s many confident movie, and it has a canon in it.

“I do consider during a finish of a day there’s this clarity that we’re all in it together.”


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Viewers discuss how to report Matt Damon’s latest movie

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