It’s no tip that Marvel Studios films have a good lane record of being embraced by both audiences and critics. While superhero films have roughly always found success with audiences, critics have not always been so kind, so Marvel Studios record is scarcely strong.

In fact, of a seventeen Marvel Cinematic Universe films listed on Rotten Tomatoes, nothing of them have been personal as rotten. The lowest rated of a seventeen films is Thor: The Dark World, that has a 66% capitulation rating with critics.

While Marvel’s final Thor film competence have been a lowest-rated film, Thor: Ragnarok is now a Marvel Cinematic Universe’s top rated film. Thor: Ragnarok primarily launched with a 100% ideal score on Rotten Tomatoes. The rating has now forsaken to 98%, though that series is still 4% above a subsequent highest-rated film, Iron Man, that sits during a 94% certain rating.

While Thor: Ragnarok hasn’t been expelled in theaters nonetheless and there will be some-more reviews to come, there’s a good probability a film could reason onto a pretension as a highest-rated film of a Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor: Ragnarok has usually one disastrous examination out of a forty-seven reviews posted to Rotten Tomatoes so far.

Iron Man has tighten to 6 times as many reviews on Rotten Tomatoes as Thor: Ragnarok, though if we demeanour during a ratios, Thor: Ragnarok has a good probability during still entrance out ahead. Iron Man has seventeen decaying reviews out of a sum dual hundred and sixty-eight reviews. If Thor: Ragnarok maintains a stream ratio of decaying reviews to sum reviews, a film will usually have around 6 decaying reviews when it reached a identical turn of reviews to Iron Man.

Of course, there’s always a probability that Thor: Ragnarok could accept a flurry of disastrous reviews as some-more reviews come in, though things are looking flattering good for a film so far. In’s expected ratings, Thor: Ragnarok is now ranked second with an normal expected rating of 4.17.

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by Joe Comicbook
| Oct 20, 2017

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is Currently Marvel’s Highest Rated Movie Ever On Rotten Tomatoes

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