UPDATED, 12:06 PM: Ouch. We knew Tom Cruise’s American Made wasn’t going to record No. 1, though as of right now it looks like not only Kingsman: The Golden Circle will kick a Cross Creek/Universal feature, though a fourth weekend of New Line/Warner Bros’ It as well.

The 20th Century Fox/MARV view pic is eyeing around $5.5 million-$5.6 million Friday for a take that’s between $18M-$19M during 4,038 theaters, down 53% for a 10-day sum nearby $68.7M. The initial section grossed $18.3M in Weekend 2, and Golden Circle might record underneath that. We’ll see.

The all-powerful It is now circumference out American Made for second with $4.8M currently and $16M for a weekend, when a using cume by Sunday will be nearby $290M.

American Made per attention projections is during $5.5M for today, including final night’s $960K, for a three-day during $15M.

Sony/Cross Creek’s Flatliners is going into a low nap interjection to injection of a 0% Rotten Tomatoes Score, with $2.6M currently and $6.5M for a weekend.

Fox Searchlight’s enlargement to 1,213 theaters of The Battle of a Sexes looks to acquire $1.25M-$1.5M currently with a three-day around $4M.

As we always footnote on these midday reports,  we could be looking during a opposite ranking by nightfall, though this is what it looks like right now. We’ll have some-more updates for we later.

PREVIOUS, 7:08 AM: Tom Cruise’s latest film American Made made $960,000 last night in previews during 2,455 theaters, one of his lowest Thursday nights in new history.

Just to look: Paramount’s Jack Reacher: Never Go Back last fall made $1.33 million during 2,850 on a Thursday (opening day $8.8M, $22.8M weekend), American Made executive Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow made $1.8M and Oblivion hooked $1.1M in midnight shows. Heck, even Cruise’s disaster The Mummy did improved during $2.66M in June.

American Made boasts illusory reviews during 86% approved uninformed — aloft than The Mummy (16% Rotten) and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (37% Rotten) — though it’s usually approaching to move in a three-day that’s in a mid to high teens, a figure that’s around such new Cruise pics as Rock of Ages (a explosve for him during $14.4M domestic opening, $75M cost and $59.4M tellurian take) and Jack Reacher, which benefited from 2012 holiday play ($15.2M opening, $80M domestic, $218.3M global, $60M prolongation cost).

The wish here by Universal is that people find a film, that reviewers have been extolling as one of Cruise’s best. The actor due to his report with Mission: Impossible 6 and an damage from that film did not embark on his customary worldwide premiere press tour.

Directed by Bourne Identity helmer Liman, American Made follows a furious float of Barry Seal, a TWA pilot-turned-CIA arms curtain for a Contras, and drug curtain for a Medellin Cartel.

Cross Creek corroborated this Cruise pic 100% with Universal distributing domestic for a price and shopping foreign, a latter that has racked adult some-more than $60M. We hear a prolongation cost is around $80M gross, and net during $60M. Already, American Made has done north of $60M abroad, carrying been in recover given Sep 10 in some abroad territories.

20th Century Fox/MARV’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle will sojourn a cold guys during a B.O., approaching to reason No. 1 with a three-day around $20M. In a initial week, Kingsman: Golden Circle jotted down $49.7M that is nickels and cents above a initial chapter’s $49.58M. Yesterday, a Matthew Vaughn-directed film done $2M.

New Line/Warner Bros’ It is also approaching to reason clever with a third weekend around $15M. By Sunday, It should be tighten to $289M — there’s no doubt this film is headed to $300M. The Stephen King instrumentation is still a fear film to see, and all other genre pics are removing mowed over by it including mother!, last weekend’s Friend Request, and this weekend’s Cross Creek/Sony film Flatliners, which did not reason previews final night and is usually approaching to sum in a mid-to-high single digits during 2,552 venues. Boo! There’s still no measure on Rotten Tomatoes and word is Sony didn’t uncover this film to a press. That’s how bad a film is ostensible to be. Reportedly Flatliners, a reconstitute of a 1990s cult film starring Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon, cost $20M before PA.

Fox Searchlight’s The Battle of a Sexes is busting far-reaching from 21 locations to 1,213 sites and a three-day in a $4M-$5M operation would be ideal. That’s where Searchlight’s Reese Witherspoon awards contender Wild was during that mangle ($4.1M).

Pureflix’s faith-based film A Question of Faith at 661 venues is projected to sum around $1M.

The ‘Kingsman’ & ‘It’ Gangs Kicking Tom Cruise’s ‘American Made’ To $15M Third Place – Midday Update

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