Lionsgate has expelled a new The Commuter trailer. The film stars Liam Neeson as an word salesman on his daily invert who is drawn into a dangerous diversion where he contingency expose a tip temperament of one of his associate passengers or face a consequences.

The film reteams with Neeson with his executive Jaume Collet-Serra, who formerly destined a actor in a action-thrillers Unknown, Non-Stop, and Run All Night. Neeson has pronounced that The Commuter will be a final movement film he does, so hopefully they make it count. The grounds looks formally loony, and nonetheless it also seems like it’s a movement on Non-Stop—Neeson contingency find a newcomer who is not whom he/she appears to be. But as prolonged as we see Neeson violence people adult opposite a backdrop of a ticking clock, we don’t consider anyone unequivocally minds if it’s identical to a prior film he did. After all, we did lay by 3 Taken movies.

Of course, with Collet-Serra, it’s always kind of a crapshoot. Sometimes we get beguiling B-movie party like Non-Stop and afterwards other times we get a crushingly lifeless film like Unknown. Here’s anticipating that he’s on his game.

Check out The Commuter trailer below. The film opens Jan 12, 2018 and also stars Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Sam Neill, and Elizabeth McGovern.

Here’s a central summary for The Commuter:

In this action-packed thriller, Liam Neeson plays an word salesman, Michael, on his daily invert home, that fast becomes anything though routine. After being contacted by a puzzling stranger, Michael is forced to expose a temperament of a dark newcomer on his sight before a final stop. As he works opposite a time to solve a puzzle, he realizes a lethal devise is maturation and is unwittingly held adult in a rapist conspiracy. One that carries life and genocide stakes, for himself and his associate passengers.

‘The Commuter’: New Trailer Has Liam Neeson Facing Problems with Public Transit

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