[Update: We’ve been sensitive that in fact Charles Roven is remaining onboard Suicide Squad 2 as a lead producer, and Michael De Luca is fasten him. Our updated story follows below.]

In a pointer that things are changing with regards to Warner Bros.’ proceed to a DC films, Suicide Squad 2 now has a new producer. Per Variety, Oscar-nominated The Social Network and Moneyball writer Michael De Luca has sealed on to furnish a sequel, that has The Accountant and Warrior filmmaker Gavin O’Connor essay and directing.

Now this might not seem like a large deal, though it kind of is. This signals that instead of carrying one or dual people furnish all a DC movies, Warner Bros. might be employing pivotal crew to move their specific talents to specific projects. Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and Wonder Woman all boasted 3 pivotal producers: Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder, and Charles Roven. These cinema also had other producers who had a palm in their creation to be sure, generally on Wonder Woman, though by many accounts this contingent kind of oversaw a day-to-day prolongation of all a DC films.


Clay Enos/ © DC Comics Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

Now, in this new proviso for a DCEU, it looks like that’s changing. While Roven stays a lead writer on Suicide Squad 2, nothing of these 3 have been strictly announced as producers on Shazam!, that is a subsequent DC film to go into production, and while a Snyders are listed as executive producers on Aquaman, that film’s primary writer is Peter Safran, who constructed a Conjuring and Annabelle films with executive James Wan.

Geoff Johns and Jon Berg had been commissioned to manage a DCEU as a whole shortly after Batman v Superman strike theaters, though we schooled progressing this month that Berg was stepping divided from a DC films, Johns was relocating to an advisory role, and Walter Hamada—who oversaw New Line’s development, production, and recover of pivotal hits like IT and a Annabelle movies—had been tapped as a new executive in assign of overseeing DC Films production.

So while Hamada oversees a incomparable picture, it appears WB might daub particular producers to safeguard that a specific productions run uniformly and aren’t as endangered with interconnectivity. In a box of Suicide Squad 2, in further to Roven—who also produced Christopher Nolan‘s Batman films—De Luca will be assisting to spearhead a production.


Clay Enos/ © DC Comics Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

De Luca is an engaging choice for Suicide Squad 2 as his new outlay has been films like Captain Phillips and Inferno, though he formerly served as President of Production during New Line in a 1990s and oversaw films like Boogie Nights, Rush Hour, and Blade. Most recently he helped secure a rights to a Fifty Shades of Grey authorization and has been spearheading that as a writer alongside his Social Network partner Dana Brunetti.

Suicide Squad 2 is a priority for Warner Bros. and a studio reportedly hopes to start filming this fall, creation it one of dual DC projects to get in front of cameras this year alongside Shazam!. Securing an additional new writer is a pivotal partial of removing this round rolling, and if all falls into place we only might see Suicide Squad 2 in theaters in a subsequent year or two.

‘Suicide Squad 2’ Adds Michael De Luca as Producer, Signaling New Direction for DCEU

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