It’s been utterly a weekend for Star Wars trailers of several sorts, no doubt in partial since of a large four-day fan eventuality in Anaheim this weekend focused on a franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront pretension cardFirst there was Thursday’s (really flattering thrilling) teaser for The Force Awakenswhich did copiousness to incite a force of fan frenzy for a film debuting in December. Then there was today’s teaser for initial spinoff, Rogue One, which screened in a row during a Anaheim uncover though hasn’t strictly been expelled (while of march leaking online in half a heartbeat).

In between, however, comes this equally really cold trailer for a arriving Electronic Arts videogame Star Wars Battlefrontthe latest in a prolonged line of games of widely varying peculiarity and success formed on that universe a long, prolonged time ago (or, in a box of Bioware’s fantastic Knights of a Old Republic spinoff titles, even longer ago than that).

This trailer, that also was released this weekend, confirms a new trailer will entrance on Nov 17, a month and a day before The Force Awakens arrives in theaters. It also shows a stunningly high turn of peculiarity for footage allegedly generated within a diversion itself, all wrapped around plenty of movement sequences for Star Wars fans looking for a sip of fun before a movie arrives.

No warn that to get that turn of visible peculiarity will need some critical graphics horsepower. The diversion will usually be accessible for PC and for a newest-generation consoles, a Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

Check this trailer out. It’s flattering impressive. Let us know what we think.

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Game Trailer Looks Like A Live-Action Movie

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