This summer, Marvel Studios will not be attending San Diego Comic-Con (next week!), though they do have Ant-Man entrance out shortly and that means that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will be in assign of gripping a Marvel Cinematic Universe hum alive by a four-day assault of arguably bigger news.

The march of teasing contribution about arriving cinema in a MCU has already begun! Of course, with a new proclamation that British actor Tom Holland was expel as Peter Parker for both Marvel Studios (in subsequent year’s Captain America: Civil War) and Sony (in 2017’s Spider-Man solo movie), many of a questions hurled during Feige by a online press during Ant-Man’s new press eventuality had to do with Spider-Man.

As to where all stood with Spider-Man’s tie to a arriving Infinity War story arc or that Avengers characters competence make a outing to Queens in 2017, Feige remained on message, gripping a concentration on a routine of co-producing a Marvel Movie set to fire subsequent year:

“Right now, it’s all about producing a new stand-alone Spider-Man movie. That’s what Sony is focused on. That’s what we’re focused on, and whatever happened before that or after that, arrange of stays to be seen, though it’s all about producing a best Spider-Man film we can, positively within a Sony Universe, subsequent July.”

That doesn’t meant Feige is going to leave Spider-Man fans totally in a dim about a instruction of a new movie. Speaking to a Birth Movies Death blog, he mentioned that picking a younger actor to play Spider-Man was a pierce towards a Spider-Man film with a opposite tone, and one that is, “a John Hughes movie.”

John Hughes, of course, is a author and infrequently director behind 1980s teen hits The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The center one is a bit too most of a intrigue to use as a Spider-Man reference, though there’s something appealing about a Spider-Man film that has something in common with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

A page from Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 #28

A good instance of this arrange of high propagandize play blending good with Peter Parker’s life as Spider-Man is a glorious one-shot story from a initial volume of Ultimate Spider-Man, “Sidetracked,” emanate 28. In a story created by Brian Michael Bendis, Peter Parker is in propagandize when he hears about The Rhino violent downtown. He tries to get out of category to quarrel a knave as Spider-Man though keeps removing dreaming by a really genuine tellurian play of high school. By a time he gets to where Rhino is, a predicament is over since Iron Man had shown adult and taken caring of it.

In further to mentioning a Hughes aspirations of Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man, Feige pronounced that a knave of a square was still underneath debate, though a decades of Spider-Man science suggests there is no reason to go behind to formerly used characters like The Green Goblin or Venom. He told Birth Movies Death: “Right now we’re meddlesome in saying villains we haven’t seen before.”

Now it’s Vulture’s time to shine, right? Or Mysterio? Which one would fit best in The Breakfast Club? Probably Kraven a Hunter. He looks like a man whose father means him cigarettes.

Spider-Man film will have Breakfast Club feel

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