When John Carpenter was a boy, he found some song paper and started scribbling divided “like a crazy person,” he said. His father, a song highbrow during Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, played a square — Carpenter’s initial fashionable composition.

“Garbage is what it was,” Carpenter says drolly.

Carpenter is best famous for his inclusive directing career, with a physique of fear and sci-fi films that includes “Escape From New York,” “They Live” and a strange “Halloween.” What fewer people remember — or ever satisfied — is that any of those films featured an strange measure by Carpenter, and in a final few years he’s taken his adore for song into a recording studio — and on a road.

On Oct. 31, appropriately, Carpenter will perform song from “Halloween” and other scores, along with marks from his new “Lost Themes” we and II judgment albums during a Hollywood Palladium. He’ll be corroborated by a complicated steel rope stoical of his son, godson and a stroke territory from Tenacious D.

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