Once again, South Whitehall is charity free cinema over a summer in municipality parks.

The report is below. All cinema start during dusk.

  • June 12, Disney’s “Bears” will be shown during Fernwood Park, 1900 Molinaro Drive. The film is rated G.
  • July 10, “Paddington” will be shown during Springhouse West Park, 4320 Farm Drive. The film is rated PG.
  • July 31, Disney’s “Big Hero 6” will be shown during The Vistas, 5320 Clauser Road. The film is rated PG.
  • Aug. 28, “Guardians of a Galaxy” will be shown during Wedgewood Park, 4010 Evergreen Road. The film is rated PG-13, and a municipality recommends relatives examination a movie’s calm to confirm if it is suitable for your child.

South Whitehall charity giveaway Movies in a Park this summer

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