With an intensely innovative idea, Shazam strike a marketplace and drew in many users. The app recognizes and stores a strain “it hears,” provides we a pretension and artist, and allows we to buy it. Using that same concept, film lovers can now do a same thing with film trailers regulating MovieQU.

MovieQU RecommendWhat is MovieQU?

Released today, Jul 29, a app will commend a film trailer by sound and constraint a film’s details. The film will afterwards be placed in your “QU” so that we will never forget about an arriving crack we wish to catch. In addition, a app will send we a accessible presentation when a film in your QU is released.

MovieQU SuccessWhat other facilities does it have?

The app does not stop during noticing and capturing cinema for you. Once we have a film in your QU we can perspective a synopsis, director, and cast. Re-watch a trailer and share sum around email, text, or amicable media. For an combined bonus, only record into Facebook to see that of your friends have also “MovieQU’d” that film.

The app will also yield we recommendations formed on other cinema in your QU. There is even an choice to squeeze ignored museum tickets from DealFlicks right within a app.

MovieQU DealsTerrific idea, works great

As a outrageous fan of Shazam, we was anxious to hear about MovieQU. Having that list of cinema that we wish to see, along with reminders when shows are released, is enormously handy. Add in a Facebook tie and bonus tickets and we have a superb app. we was means to constraint film information fast by drumming a symbol while examination trailers on my iPad. So, either we are in a theater, in front of your TV, or on your mechanism examination film trailers, a app works. Tip: make certain that a audio is transparent and in decent operation of your iPhone when capturing trailers.

MovieQU FilmMovieQU is designed for iPhone and accessible for giveaway with no in-app purchases (unless we buy tickets from DealFlicks) on a App Store.

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Shazam for film trailers? Heck yea, with MovieQU

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