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The filmmaker who combined a argumentative smash-hit movie “180″ is behind with an even some-more provocative film,“Audacity,” that takes on a faith that homosexuality is unchangeable.

The new bid from Christian apologist Ray Comfort, owner of Living Waters Publications and a author of books such as “How to Know God Exists,” constructed overwhelming results.

“We have constructed a scripted film containing unscripted interviews display pro-gay people changing their minds on either or not homosexuals are innate that way, since they were asked dual elementary questions,” he told WND.

The scripted tract focuses on Peter (Travis Owens), an determined comedian who confronts both theatre trepidation and a plea to his possess dignified convictions. Peter contingency confirm either he will mount adult for what he believes, even if it means losing a friendship. More than that, he will also face a harrowing life-or-death experience.

Comfort acknowledges a theme of homosexuality is controversial.

“I didn’t wish to make this. After creation films about termination and evolution, people kept seeking for one that addressed a emanate of homosexuality – since many Christians were unequivocally worried about how to understanding with it and not sound hateful. But we adamantly pronounced that it wasn’t going to happen. Anyone who spoke opposite homosexuality was now vilified, and nobody wants that.”

But Comfort explains a visualisation for a film arose by pristine chance.

“Around Apr 2014, we was with a crony in Huntington Beach in California, when we saw dual girls walking towards us kissing any other. we asked if they would like to be on camera, and to my warn they pronounced that they would. These dual ladies gave me an extraordinary 14-minute talk about happy marriage, a probity of homosexuality, and a gospel … and they finished adult thanking me for not being judgmental. Yet we hadn’t compromised a gospel even slightly. It was as nonetheless God had forsaken a substructure for a film into my lap.

That night he wrote a book and sent it to Mark Spence, a categorical editor and writer of “180,” that reveals how fast people retreat their opinion about termination once they are given a facts.

“He wrote back, ‘Wow, wow, wow!!!!’ we fast called a meeting, and after only over a year later, we have what we trust is a unequivocally timely movie,” Comfort said.

Comfort understands he will be indicted of “hating” homosexuals. But he believes a “frustrating” indictment indeed provides an opening for “Audacity.”

“Someone wrote to me, ‘Please greatfully greatfully recover ‘Audacity’ as shortly as possible. Christians need to be versed to hoop a theme of homosexuality. we found an essay on my Facebook newsfeed portraying Christians in an intensely disastrous way. … we have faith in a film, that it will assistance incite people.’

“A Christian doesn’t hatred anyone, and nonetheless we are being embellished with a far-reaching and nasty brush by a sin-loving world. One of these people recently wrote to me and pronounced that it was probably unfit to be a Bible desiring Christian and not be ‘homophobic.’ The disappointment is there since we can know his reasoning. Scripture is unequivocally transparent on a issue.”

Comfort says Christians can promulgate their beliefs effectively but being disrespectful.

Asked to respond to critics who call a film “intolerant,” Comfort countered: “I would contend not to make that visualisation until they see a movie. we consider that even a LGBT village is going to be surprised, since it’s not what they’re expecting. They are going to see that we didn’t wish to classify or vilify homosexuals.”

At a same time, Comfort urges Christians to sojourn loyal to Scripture.

“My opinion is irrelevant. What matters is what God’s Word says on a subject. This is another area lonesome in abyss by ‘Audacity.’ The emanate of homosexuality is putting a chasm between those who adore God and those who don’t. You can't apart God from His Word.

“But a film goes even deeper regulating an opening stage that shows that those who pronounce a law in love, pronounce a law since they are speedy by love.”

Comfort believes ‘Audacity’ could offer as a indication for Christian films by featuring clever behaving and high prolongation values.

“I wish people to know that not each Christian film is cheesy and predicted (a few new Christian cinema have shown this to be true). We went to good heedfulness to equivocate a second of bad behaving and to make certain it has a high prolongation value,” he told WND.

“We wish Christians to be speedy and versed as to what they can say, and if they find a emanate too contentious, we wish they will share a film and let it do a vocalization for them. To be honest, we didn’t know how it was going to be perceived adult until recently. We are gay with a reviews so far, and by a fact that a vital TV network noticed it and wish to atmosphere it to 190 countries.”

Comfort expects a large response to a film, since homosexuality is a “huge issue.”

“Millions of Christians are seeking critical questions, and we residence them conduct on,” he said.

Citing certain reviews, Comfort hopes it might even transcend “180.”

He told WND: “When a reviewer (who didn’t lift any punches) wanted a couple for examination purposes, we was a small nervous. This is since we knew that he unequivocally favourite ’180,’ and that was a high bar to reach. Millions have seen it and desired it. we also wondered if he would be dissapoint that we went by Hollywood, didn’t hang with Christian actors.

“A few hours after we sent him a link, he wrote back, ‘This is a best film we have finished yet. Congratulations on a pursuit good done.’

Comfort believes a Internet provides new opportunities to widespread his message, generally by a middle of film.

“The Internet has altered so many – some for a better; many for a worse. Despite that, it’s a outrageous car for a gospel. That’s because we wish to put all my energies into amicable media, producing cinema that strech a lost.

“When we launched a initial prolongation years ago, we had no thought that we would get over 33 million views on a YouTube channel. That’s extraordinary and such an inducement for us.”

And with that kind of access, Comfort has high hopes for his project.

“I trust that ‘Audacity’ has a energy to change this enlightenment (through a gospel), and even move recovering between a church and a LGBT community.”

See a trailer:



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New film takes on ‘gay’ stereotypes about Bible

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