Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will co-star in a new R-rated Baywatch movie.

 Former teen statue Zac Efron, who rose to celebrity in a Disney High School Musical franchise, says a arriving Baywatch film in that he will co-star with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be roughly zero like a 1990s TV array about lifeguards.

Although a film is in rough stages, Efron pronounced he was looking brazen to it vacating from a TV uncover that starred David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson and roughly always featured a rescue during sea, no matter how tangential to a plot.

“It’s going to be R-rated and it’s going to be badass,” Efron said, referring to a Hollywood sequence for cinema containing adult material.

Efron, who was in London for a European premiere on Tuesday of his new film We Are Your Friends, in that he plays a DJ who gets held adult in a drug-and-booze-fuelled universe of a California celebration and bar scene, pronounced a elaborating Baywatch film would askance towards comedy and raunch.

“I consider we’re going like flattering large with it and we don’t consider it’s going to be most like a aged ‘Baywatch’ to be honest. we consider we’re going to kind of reinvent it in a large way, and he (Johnson) has large skeleton for it. we know he’s really ambitious.”

Efron also responded to a twitter sent by Johnson, who doubles as a writer for a film, that read: “BIG NEWS: Welcoming my dude @ZacEfron to #BAYWATCH. Our film will be big, fun and RATED R… Like me when we drink.”

Efron replied saying: “So stoked hermit – baby oil for 2 plz.”

 – Reuters

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New Baywatch film to be raunchy

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