Netflix has expelled a initial trailer for Bong Jong’s arriving film Okja. The film is set to entrance during Cannes this week, before creation a approach over to a streaming use during a finish of subsequent month. Starring Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lily Collins, Paul Dano, and An Seo Hyun, Okja focuses on a loyalty between Mija and her pet; a genetically engineered savage whom happily roams a forest. Swinton plays a a absolute owners of a association who wish to constraint Okja, and plantation him for meat.

Directed by Jong (Snowpiercer), a screenplay for Okja comes from Jong and Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stare during Goats). Set to Mamas and Papas’ “Dedicated to a one we love,” Netflix have debuted a initial trailer for a movie, that hints during it being a bizarre nonetheless gratifying brew of humor, terror, heart pain and happiness. Take a look, above.

Okja centers around Mija, who lives low in a woods of South Korea, and forms a clever bond with Okja. Designed Lucy Mirando (Swinton), the super pigs as she calls them, are beautiful, cooking reduction food, and many importantly, they ambience “f***ing good.” She sets about capturing a quadruped in sequence that it competence be employed for tact and/ or beef production, though as a trailer shows, conjunction Mija nor Okja will mount for it, and an escape/chase ensues to opposition that of any large shade blockbuster.

ahn seo hyun and quadruped okja Netflixs Okja Trailer Teases a Friendly Monster Movie

The film binds echoes of Jong’s Snowpiercer, though is also strangely suggestive of a storyline from E.T.; a bond between a child and an different quadruped that withstands a division of adults who bay bad intentions. Okja is adorable; a many ideal brew of hippo, puppy, and pig, and we challenge anyone not to tumble in adore with him. He looks to be a whole lot of fun, and a trailer hints during some unequivocally honeyed scenes between him and Mija.

Swinton- as ever- embraces a villaionus, somewhat wicked impression well, and is immensely watchable, though it’s Seo Hyun’s intensity that unequivocally stands out. She owns a trailer with her character’s strength and rebuttal clearly on display, and it’s a protected gamble we’ll be rooting for her and Okja throughout. Okja covers a lot of themes applicable to complicated day society; corporate greed, activism, and bravery in a face of adversity, as good as a age-old complacency that usually a human/animal loyalty can bring.

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Source: Netflix

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    Netflix’s Okja Trailer Teases a Friendly Monster Movie

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