Five of a 6 vital Hollywood studios have assimilated army to make digital film collecting easier than ever.

Movies Anywhere, a giveaway app and website digital locker service, launches tonight during 9 p.m. PT, corroborated by 4 tip digital retailers and calm from Walt Disney (including Pixar, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm), Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment — a total library of some-more than 7,300 digital movies.

Movies can be redeemed by digital retailers Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes and Vudu (owned by Walmart). Movies Anywhere is a Disney-owned entity that operates exclusively with submit from an advisory cabinet with members from any of a participating studios, according to a Disney spokesperson.

“It’s simplicity. It’s palliate of use. It’s bringing it together all in one place. It’s going to be amazing,” pronounced Movies Anywhere GM Karin Gilford during a display Wednesday in Los Angeles. “This is going to capacitate film fans to sync their film collection from a 5 studios opposite retailers, devices, platforms.”

It’s an interface that will finally make digital film collection seamless, according to Gilford. The launch comes after several fits and starts, including a stalled UltraViolet digital locker use and Disney’s launch of a possess exclusive service, Disney Movies Anywhere.

Observers contend a studios deserted UltraViolet for Disney’s indication since a record is superior.

Starting tonight, consumers can download a giveaway Movies Anywhere app, emanate an comment and couple to any of a 4 digital retailers. The use will automatically stock consumers’ digital library from any of those 4 retailers on Movies Anywhere. Consumers can immediately tide or download any film from their Movies Anywhere library.

“The sorcery unequivocally happens when we couple to tradesman accounts since we get to see that whole collection come together,” Gilford said. “There’s that arrange of aha impulse that happens when all of a titles that we bought from one of a 5 studios on any of a 4 digital retailers all come together.”

Consumers can also buy new digital cinema on a app by Movies Anywhere retailers and redeem codes from DVDs or Blu-ray Discs they have purchased to benefit evident entrance to some-more digital movies. Starting subsequent year, earthy discs will underline Movies Anywhere branding.

“We’ve set it adult to be unequivocally easy for consumers, even ones that aren’t informed with locker services, maybe have never used Disney Movies Anywhere or UltraViolet,” Gilford said.

Disney did not offer calm by a UltraViolet service, corroborated by many of a other studios. It instead combined a possess digital locker, initial called “KeyChest” and afterwards “Disney Movies Anywhere.” With a appearance of Movies Anywhere, Disney Movies Anywhere will go away, and consumers will be means to join Movies Anywhere and send their cinema into their new Movies Anywhere account, according to a Disney spokesperson. UltraViolet libraries will also pier over by a participating digital retailers.

Movies Anywhere allows consumers to have adult to 5 subaccounts, in further to a master account. Subaccounts can have personalized recommendations and restrictions, permitting a master comment hilt to anathema entrance to ‘R’-rated films for a child, for instance. Purchases might usually be done from a master account.

Viewers can start streaming a film on one device and finish it on another. Two viewers can watch a same pretension on opposite inclination during one time, and adult to 4 viewers can tide opposite calm on opposite inclination during a same time. Consumers can entrance their library on Amazon Fire devices, Android mobile and inscription devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, a Roku height and renouned web browsers.

To tempt consumers to join Movies Anywhere, a use is charity adult to 5 giveaway digital movies. When consumers couple to a initial tradesman on a service, they get giveaway entrance to “Ghostbusters” (2016) and “Ice Age.” Linking to a second tradesman gives consumers giveaway entrance to “Big Hero 6,” “Jason Bourne” and “The Lego Movie.” The use skeleton a large selling and promotion pull including support from participating studios and digital sell partners. The tagline is “Your cinema together during last.”

Consumers can download a Movies Anywhere app from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and Roku or around The use is not nonetheless on diversion consoles.

Movie Anywhere hopes to pointer adult some-more digital retailers and calm owners, Gilford said.

“We are going to continue to evolve. We would like to supplement some-more retailers, launch on some-more platforms,” she said. “We’re articulate to all a other studios. We know that consumers would like to have their calm also in Movies Anywhere, and we unequivocally wish to move them onboard so those talks will continue.”

Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate are particularly absent from a Movies Anywhere stable.

Stephanie Prange is Editor in Chief of Home Media Magazine.

Movies Anywhere App Launches With Joint Studio Backing

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