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The good news keeps pouring out of Milwaukee Film this week, as it announced nonetheless another collection of festival films this morning, this time for a Rated K: For Kids program. This year’s family-friendly selections include:

“Babe: The Gallant Pig”

The dear Oscar-winning story of a pig who learns to flock sheep celebrates a 20th anniversary this year during a Milwaukee Film Festival. There will be giveaway popcorn for a initial 200 people who arrive to a screening dressed in their excellent plantation attire, as good as Milwaukee Film’s initial ever Rated K: For Kids Barnyard Bash, a giveaway open eventuality featuring animal-themed story time, film-themed crafts and a petting zoo. The eventuality will be hosted during a Milwaukee Public Library East Branch on Saturday, Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

“Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins”

Young Alfie sets off on a query to make his dream of carrying a dog of his possess – namely a terrier – come loyal in “Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins,” formed on a Swedish children’s book of a same name.

“Kids Shorts: Size Small”

A collection of charcterised brief films protected for cinephiles of all ages. This year’s gathering (all possibly in English or though dialogue) includes:

  • “Cows: Moosic Video”
  • “Forward, March”
  • “Fred Anabel”
  • “Lambs”
  • “The Last Leaf”
  • “Law of a Jungle”
  • “The Little Hedgehog”
  • “The Mitten”
  • “One, Two, Tree”
  • “Pik-Pik-Pik”
  • “Zebra”

“Kids Shorts: Size Medium”

Aimed during viewers aged 6 and up, a lineup for “Kids Shorts: Size Medium” this year facilities live action, animation and even a documentary about immature businessman Moziah Bridges. The selections are possibly in English, have no discourse or don’t need reading a titles to understand. They include:

  • “Ahmed Mildred”
  • “Anatole’s Little Saucepan”
  • “Astronaut-K”
  • “Bunny New Girl”
  • “Cookie-Tin Banjo”
  • “Dance Class”
  • “Dustin”
  • “The Elephant and a Bicycle”
  • “Jack”
  • “Lila”
  • “Mo’s Bows”
  • “Papa”

“Kids Shorts: Size Large”

An collection of shorts directed for a comparison kids in a throng aged 9 and up. “Size Large” features:

  • “Decorations”
  • “Harmony Brooks and a Case of a Missing Nucleus”
  • “Home”
  • “Home Sweet Home”
  • “Ice Cream (Healthy Eating)”
  • “Johnny Express”
  • “My Big Brother”
  • “A Place in a Middle”
  • “The Present”
  • “The Story of Percival Pitts”
  • “The Visitors”

“A Little Game”

10-year-old Max struggles to fit in during propagandize until she discovers a talent for chess. She deduction to learn some-more about a diversion – and life – with a assistance of a grouchy aged man, played by F. Murray Abraham.

“Paper Planes”

“Paper Planes” tells a story of Dylan, a really gifted 12-year-old who has a ability to qualification paper planes that are faster and transport serve than anyone else’s. He trains his singular talent for a World Paper Plane Championships in Tokyo in a hopes of not usually winning, though also recovering his attribute with his widower father.

“Song of a Sea”

The Oscar-nominated Celtic mythology-laden follow-up to a equally lauded “The Secret of Kells” follows a hermit and sister tandem as they try to tour behind to their island home, a sea and a enchanting universe usually noticed in bedtime stories.

The Milwaukee Film Festival runs from Sept. 24 by Oct. 8 during a Oriental Theater, Downer Theater, Avalon Theater, Times Cinema and Fox Bay Cinema Grill. Stay tuned for some-more film lineup announcements in a subsequent few weeks.

Milwaukee Film Festival reveals the 2015 Rated K: For Kids lineup

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