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I’ve perceived a few records from readers per my headline yesterday in that we resolutely admitted a ₹475 crore ($74 million) tellurian box bureau sum for Tiger Zinda Hai as being “locked.” One reader asked either we was wakeful that a grosses for Salman Khan’s cinema tend to fall after their initial week in theaters. we was wakeful of that fact, yet we had never finished a minute investigation. Now we have, and I’m going to share my formula with you.

I motionless to demeanour during Salman’s new hits, and how they compared in their staying power, or in Hollywood parlance, their “legs,” relations to a strike cinema of his associate Bollywood stars. we wasn’t meddlesome in a medium successes or a flops; that would be good provender for another, opposite arrange of article. we also didn’t caring to do an downright consult of any vital actor, we usually wanted to demeanour during a handful of a tip Bollywood stars and how their formula compare.

I wound adult selecting 20 new cinema that underline a Bollywood stars Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and Ranbir Kapoor. My categorical criteria for selecting cinema was that any had to have expelled in a past decade, and that any film had to be a bona fide hit, with domestic sum profits of during slightest ₹150 crore. we also chose actors who had during slightest dual films that met my criteria, and that cutoff separated many star actors from my consideration.

Upon crunching a numbers we found that Salman Khan aren’t utterly as ephemeral as we had thought, yet they are distant from a leggiest. His cinema do tend to play out strongly during a commencement and to blur comparatively quickly. Khan has seemed in a lot of cinema that accommodate my criteria, some-more than any other actor, so we had copiousness of films to support this observation.

The 7 cinema we had adequate information for in that Salman Khan has starred and that grossed during slightest ₹150 crore in a past decade averaged final domestic box bureau collections of ₹302.3 crore. That sounds flattering damn good, and it is; usually one actor can explain to have beaten it. But his cinema don’t reason adult well. Those same 7 cinema collected an normal of 205 crore sum in their opening week. The meant outcome is that his cinema breeze adult during a domestic week 1 mixed of 1.89; that is, on average, a final box bureau sum for his cinema is 1.89x a opening week gross.

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Bollywood stars’ legs

That’s a bit improved than a 1.84x mixed warranted by Shah Rukh Khan’s 5 strike cinema we reviewed, though reduction than Ranbir Kapoor’s 1.92x multiple, and a immeasurable stretch behind Aamir Khan’s 2.58x mixed for his 4 films (Dangal, PK, Dhoom 3 and 3 Idiots). we released Aamir’s latest movie, Secret Superstar, from a analysis, both since it didn’t accommodate a ₹150 crore domestic sum criterion, and also since it is still in recover in certain territories. After it opens in China in Jan Secret Superstar could good pull past Salman’s Tiger Zinda Hai to turn Bollywood’s biggest worldwide grosser of 2017.

Hrithik Roshan fell in final place in my research with an normal domestic mixed of 1.71x. But it should be remarkable that his dual films, Krrish 3 and Bang Bang, collectively out-earned Ranbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewaani and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil both domestically and overseas. They usually started stronger and fell off some-more quickly.

Just How Leggy Are Salman’s Hits Compared To Aamir’s, SRK’s And Others?

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