J.K. Rowling has commented on Johnny Depp’s casting in a Harry Potter prequel array of Fantastic Beasts cinema today, fortifying it as “the right thing” for a arriving sequel.

Spoilers for 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them below

Rowling’s comments symbol a latest in an ongoing debate that dates behind to a strange recover of a initial film in a new array Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The finish of that film reveals that a film’s antagonist, Percival Graves (Colin Farrell) is indeed a barbarous dim sorceress Grindelwald in disguise. When his temperament is revealed, he’s played in a brief method by actor Johnny Depp.

The exhibit annoyed some recoil online, given that usually a few months before Fantastic Beasts’ release, Depp had been accused of written and earthy abuse by his wife, Amber Heard, who filed for divorce and filed a confining sequence opposite Depp. The dual after reached a allotment and expelled a corner statement, observant “there was never any vigilant of earthy or romantic harm” in their relationship, that noted a matter as sealed for some.

The emanate was changed to a behind burner for a while, though with a new exhibit that Grindelwald has a pretension purpose in a arriving film — and a flourishing amicable transformation for perpetrators of passionate and earthy bungle to be hold accountable, in a arise of a Harvey Weinstein accusations — Depp’s casting has turn a open issue. Fans have been petitioning to have a purpose recast in a arriving sequel.

Earlier this week, executive David Yates shielded a preference to keep Depp on house in an talk with Entertainment Weekly. Yates discharged Heard’s claims as “one chairman who took a cocktail during him and claimed something,” and pronounced “Whatever indictment was out there doesn’t total with a kind of tellurian being I’ve been operative with.” Yates has formerly explained Depp’s casting in an talk with The Leaky Cauldron as someone a prolongation group suspicion “would do something fun and special” with a character. At a premiere in New York, Yates reportedly discharged Heard’s matter since of his honour for Depp: “What we have to remember about Johnny is that unusual talent, and that talent never goes away.”

Yates’ statements haven’t been perceived well. He’s been indicted of a “truly gross” exclusion of Heard, and of suggesting that talent excuses earthy abuse. Rowling’s follow-up comments feel like repairs control after a disastrous response to Yates’ comments, though she also mostly sidesteps a issues. According to Rowling, a prolongation group was endangered when stories initial pennyless per Depp, and did cruise recasting. But Rowling implies that fans might not have a full story, and due to resources of “agreements that have been put in place to strengthen a remoteness of dual people” — presumably Depp and Heard — “both of whom have voiced a enterprise to get on with their lives,” she can’t plainly residence a concerns. However, she adds that “based on a bargain of a circumstances, a filmmakers and we are not usually gentle adhering with a strange casting, though honestly happy to have Johnny personification a vital impression in a movies.”

Warner Bros. also expelled a matter currently (via Deadline) that’s in line with Rowling’s: “We are of march wakeful of reports that flush around a finish of Johnny Depp’s marriage, and take severely a complexity of a issues involved… Based on a resources and a information accessible to us, we, along with a filmmakers, continue to support a preference to ensue with Johnny Depp in a purpose of Grindelwald in this and destiny films.”

These statements aren’t expected to close down a debate over Depp’s casting. But like it or not, fans have been answered — and Depp seems guaranteed to play Grindelwald for a subsequent Fantastic Beasts movie.

JK Rowling defends Johnny Depp’s casting in a Fantastic Beasts films

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