For many of a late 1980s and ’90s, Jean-Claude Van Damme ruled a movement film genre. The badass Belgium actor was allied to none, mostly behaving his possess stunts and quarrel scenes—because when you’ve won several veteran fights and have literally TKO’d a man, who needs a attempt double?

Van Damme has been underneath a radar for many of a 2000s, with many of his movement films going true to video. But the strange Street Fighter is returning with his possess Amazon series.

However, he’s not usually kicking bad man boundary on a show, that drops on Amazon Prime Video in December. Van Damme also is derisive a strike movement cinema that done him a luminary underneath his alter-ego (and a show’s title) Jean-Claude Van Johnson [JCVJ].

The trailer for JCVJ, that was expelled on Thursday, starts with Van Damme opening his eyes from a night’s rest and introducing himself: “My name is Jean-Claude Van Damme. we used to be super famous.”

Jean-Claude Van Damme creates film lapse with Amazon series Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme speaks onstage during a Beyond Fest screening and Cast/Creator row of Amazon Prime Video’s disdainful array ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ during a Egyptian Theatre on Oct 9, 2017 in Hollywood, California. Amazon Prime Video

Van Damme’s sense earnings to a artistic group really suggestive of Hollywood’s eminent UTA and meets with his agent, played by Phylicia Rashad.

Rashad’s sense seems to be underneath a sense that Van Damme’s visit means he’s prepared for a new behaving gig, but no, he’s behind to reprise his alter-ego Jean Claude Van Johnson, who appears to be a growth representative that uses cinema as his front to take down bad guys.

Van Damme seemed ubiquitous in a ’90s, starring in 17 vital films from 1990 to 1999—among them Kickboxer, Universal Soldier, Lion Heart and Double Impact. But his career started to decrease after he seemed alongside basketball actor Dennis Rodman in 1997’s Double Team. That film tight during a box office, grossing usually $11 million during a whole melodramatic run compared to, say, 1994’s Timecop, that brought in over $12 million in a opening weekend alone.

Van Damme managed to say his luminary abroad with several of his some-more new cinema though has been mostly absent from American cinemas in a 21st century. He’s attempted a self-parody track previously, starring in 2008’s JCVD as a washed-up actor who winds adult as a warrant during a bank robbery. 

Jean-Claude Van Johnson premieres on Amazon on Dec 15.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme is Mocking His Action Movies In New ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ Trailer

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