The executive of a new and really successful Furious 7 is apparently in talks to helm a arriving live movement film instrumentation of Robotech.

In an indeed enchanting move, Sony Pictures seem to have a emergence of a idea by articulate with James Wan. He has not usually an enchanting reserve of sundry and enchanting films, from Saw to Insidious and The Conjuring, though can also hoop high-octane movement with cinema like Furious 7.

For anyone that knows Macross, of that Robotech is evidently an English localized version, afterwards you’ll know that high octane movement joined with nuanced characterization is really most a cornerstone of what done it work.

So we am honestly extraordinary to see how Wan competence hoop a Ichiro Itano styled dogfights between a transforming non-static fighters and their hulk visitor antagonists as good as a tellurian account that underpins all of that.

That pronounced there is still one vital elephant in a room among all this; a deficiency of Shoji Kawamori’s impasse is worrying.

Both a creator and a categorical mecha engineer behind Macross, Kawamori’s designs and storytelling were instrumental in a success of a strange show. His non-static warrior designs alone (shown above) are hugely iconic and arguably one of a vital reasons behind Robotech’s fast recognition among a fans.

While we can sympathize with people who are heedful of George Lucas-esque artistic figures, generally after a abominable Star Wars prequels, Kawamori is not during all like that. As he has been creation countless and entirely glorious Macross array (among many other things) given a 80s original.

The latest of these being a hugely enchanting Macross Frontier that not usually saw a fantastically paced TV array though also some flattering good cinema too.

Put simply, Kawamori needs to be operative on this new Robotech movie. Without him and his mecha pattern expertise, they’ll remove a core of what done this authorization renouned in a initial place.

In any case, a news of Wan potentially being on-board with this film offers a spark of wish that Sony Pictures competence not totally screw this up.

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James Wan In Talks To Direct Upcoming ‘Robotech’ Movie

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