(Note: intensity SPOILERS for Wolverine cinema (and new comics) distortion subsequent – ensue with caution…)

Bad news, X-Fans…

Despite several new hints to a discordant – and a fact that he’s flattering many a cornerstone of Fox’s whole cinematic X-Universe – it sounds as nonetheless a arriving Wolverine 3 (or The Wolverine 2, depending on who we ask) will be Hugh Jackman’s last.

That’s right, it seems that Jackman, carrying incited Wolverine into a undoubted cinematic idol over a past fifteen years, might good hang adult his claws, and set cruise for new cinematic adventures that don’t underline large sideburns.

Or, during least, that seems to be a many healthy approach to appreciate this new twitter of his:

Especially given it was quickly followed by a twitter from his The Wolverine executive James Mangold, suggesting that his final film would indeed be a arriving Wolverine solo outing:

So, a large question?

Is Hugh Jackman Really Going to Step Down as Wolverine?

After all, a comic-book Wolverine recently found himself extremely some-more passed than any of us would have ever approaching to see a clearly durable mutant to ever be, behind in final year’s Death of Wolverine arc:

In that, Wolverine was eventually felled by a hulk raise of fiery Adamantium – nonetheless a pivotal member of that was that he had, a brief time before, mislaid his recovering factor:

Could we, then, be set to see Logan remove his recovering cause in a stirring solo movie, before finally job it a day (and Hugh Jackman along with him) during a movie’s conclusion?

Well, perhaps, yet there seems to be a some-more trustworthy alternative:

Could Wolverine Instead Just Stop Having Solo Movies?

After all, Wolvie is widely viewed as being the key impression in a box-office success of a X-Men cinema – hence his coming in ever final one of them. Would Fox unequivocally risk their newly emboldened authorization by slicing Jackman out of a series? Perhaps – yet a some-more expected choice is that we’ll keep saying a whole lot of this arrange of thing instead:

Specifically, Wolverine interacting with other X-heroes in conspicuously bad-ass ways…

There are, after all, a whole lot of other X-projects lined adult for a subsequent few years – with Deadpool, Gambit and a long-rumored X-Force distinguished among them. Could, then, Wolverine’s third solo tour be his last…on his own?

After all, that tweet…

…could only as simply impute to a final Wolverine solo film as to a final cinematic coming by Jackman – and a inclusion of as dear – and box-office-boosting – a favourite as Wolverine in a period of riskier spin-offs could good be too tantalizing to pass up. Jackman would be means to spend reduction time on set (and coping with his hugely severe dietary and practice regime), while Fox would have a guaranteed offered indicate for any new X-movie they release.

Or, alternatively, that’s only sad meditative on my part, and Wolverine’s set to leave a X-movies – or be recast…

What do we think, though?

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Hugh Jackman: This Is My Last Wolverine Movie

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