With Hollywood now cheerless by authorization fever, Blomkamp’s latest plan aims to let viewers exam out an initial array of wholly new sci-fi film concepts over a internet. While a famous executive is still nonetheless to endorse that streaming platforms he’ll be using, a new twitter suggests that he could tide these cinema over Steam.

For Blomkamp, this isn’t a initial time he’s used brief films to exam a H2O for new film ideas. The plan that done his name, District 9 also began life as a brief film entitled Alive in Joburg. Although it’s not accurately hackneyed for directors to concentration exam their new ideas online, a manifest subsidy from audiences could make it easier for risk-adverse film studios to take a possibility on desirous (and costly) strange projects.

Steam might be many obvious as a games placement platform, though this isn’t a initial film to end adult on a service. With a Valve-owned digital storefront already boasting a outrageous userbase, this kind of disdainful film calm could assistance to legitimize Steam’s bluff video streaming service. You can check out a initial trailer for Volume 1 in all the ghastly excellence below.

‘District 9’ executive to entrance his new sci-fi crack on Steam

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