Deadpool 2 is paving a approach for a incomparable and heartless Marvel universe, teases Colossus actor Stefan Kapicic .

The actor who starred in a 2016 film and will reprise his purpose in a supplement subsequent year was vocalization during MCM London Comic Con about a destiny for a Deadpool franchise.

His impression is partial of X-Force, that he teased would grow and turn partial of a wider Marvel universe.

“X-Force was done like a heartless X-Men bar – they’re doing special forces, R-Rated things,” he told Mirror Online. “Deadpool’s judicious subsequent step is to get concerned with Rob Liefield’s (Deadpool’s co-creator) creations.”

The subsequent movie, that filmed this summer, is already adding new characters, with Josh Brolin as Cable and Zazie Beetz as Domino.

“As we have dual some-more outrageous characters as Cable and Domino, Deadpool is flourishing and it’s creation X-Force authorization bigger and bigger,” Kapicic said. “[It’s] introducing them for their possess franchise, so Deadpool is bigger in many ways.”

Joined adult Marvel star ‘to come’

Deadpool was a outrageous success
(Image: Marvel)

If that wasn’t enough, he pronounced he could see a X-Force and Deadpool authorization joining with a rest of a Marvel universe.

“One day all a Marvel star will connect,” he said. “I know all those franchise, studio politics, yet I’d adore X-Men and Avengers together in a destiny – we never know. we trust there’s a lot to come – in that approach we don’t know.”

The actor also spoke about Deadpool 2, yet remaining tight-lipped on tract sum due to his NDA.

Ryan Reynolds holding it to another level

Reynolds is a good Deadpool
(Image: Marvel)

Kapicic was full of regard for his co-star Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds is bringing Deadpool to another level, that is tough to explain by words, yet when we see a supplement we will know what we was articulate about since that man is unstoppable,” he said. “He’s so into that purpose he’s roughly like Wade when he talks.

“[He’s] always formulating and perplexing new lines, it’s pleasing to see people so most in adore with a character.”

Deadpool 2 is out Jun 1, 2018.

Colossus actor Stefan Kapicic teases R-rated X-Forces film and …

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