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We LOVE a good superhero movie. The genre is a force to be reckoned with, and we’re flattering damn gratified that what was once deliberate to be cultish and nerdy is now a tallness of popularlity. That being said, there is still one major, vivid problem with a genre that indication Cara Delevingne was discerning to indicate out…

Cara Delevigne has incited from modelling to cinema in a final year, and is now due to star in Paper Towns, Pan and Suicide Squad, a DC Comics superhero film due to be expelled in 2015. While praising her purpose in a arriving movie, Cara told it like it is per a common purpose of women in superhero movies.

She told Empire magazine: “There are usually 3 girls in [Suicide Squad] yet in my opinion they have a best roles. Generally though, superhero cinema are totally sexist.

“Female superheroes are routinely exposed or in bikinis. No one would be means to quarrel like that. Wonder Woman, how a ruin does she fight? She would be passed in a minute.”

We know that she has an glorious point. Not usually have womanlike superheroes been overlooked in a new shake of superhero movies, portion usually as a lady in trouble or a token lady in an garb squad (cough, Avengers, Guardians of a Galaxy, cough), their roles are possibly enervated or sexualised. Take Black Widow from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Although there is NOTHING wrong with womanlike sexuality, a promo posters highlighting Scarlet Johannson’s figure, and indeed a characterisation of Black Widow as a coquette chasing Bruce Banner’s affections are irritating and totally unnecessary, quite when comparing her impression to a other 5 masculine Avenger characters, who have some-more critical things on their minds than intrigue AKA a finish of a universe (their girlfriends aren’t even in a cinema ffs)!

Then there is a arriving choice for superhero cinema in a subsequent few years. In a 10 new cinema announced by Marvel, usually ONE stars a womanlike protagonist. One. 10 percent.

Although not all superhero films aim to etch women in this way, with Max Max: Fury Road and Suicide Squad being a apparent examples, a depiction of women in superhero cinema is NOT function fast enough.

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Cara Delevingne Says What We’re All Thinking About Superhero Movies

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