When it comes to holidays commemorated in cinema, Easter is a desperately bad cousin. Christmas, if it wants, can go schmaltzy or biblical. It can go honeyed or unhappy or funny. And afterwards there’s Halloween, churning out unconstrained incarnations of fear each year. But what are we left with if we wish to watch an Easter film? A film in that Jesus gets his conduct kicked in for dual hours? Or, worse, a charcterised Russell Brand Easter Bunny car Hop. Neither accurately spells a fun time.

So, really, we can’t censure Odeon for doing what it’s usually done. You can design a room in a PR association headquarters, full of trashed moodboards and upturned flipcharts, as staff assault forlornly with a thought of shaping adult an Easter debate until their mocking eyeglasses get fogged adult and their asymmetrical haircuts get a small too asymmetrical to be taken seriously. Then, from a behind of a room, a voice pipes up. It’s frayed. It’s quavering. It’s positively broken. But it’s there.

“Can’t we usually uncover a bucket of film trailers to chickens and rabbits?”

Normally an thought this foolish would be laughed out of a room. But this is a best they’ve got. Sod it, a trainer says. Let’s go for it. Cocktails by a foosball list in 10.

This is how an animal clergyman came to analyse a poise of some chickens as they watched a SpongeBob SquarePants trailer. And this is how we came to be essay about it. And now you’re reading it. Look, nobody here is entrance out of this quite well. Let’s usually get a heads down, energy by and afterwards we can fake that nothing of this indeed happened, OK?

So this is a genuine thing that indeed happened: 20 Easter chicks and 3 Easter bunnies were taken to Leicester Square and shown a trailers for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Fast Furious 7, Cinderella, Home, Big Hero 6 and The Divergent Series: Insurgent to see that one they favourite best.

Fortunately, animal clergyman Debbie Connolly, who hopefully got paid an awful lot of income to do this, knows accurately what a capricious movements of baby animals mean. If they strap their wings, they’re apparently excited. If they make noises, they’re happy. If they go quiet, they’re worried. If they spin their backs, it means they don’t wish to engage. Given that I’m doing my best to write this with my behind incited to my computer, there’s a good possibility that a lady has a point.

At a finish of all this, even yet a usually picturesque greeting from a chicks and rabbits would be one of vacant animalistic insusceptibility to a assault of images, sounds and ideas that they can't presumably sense presented in an visitor middle in an unknown location, a creatures somehow managed to measure a trailers. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water got a measure of 10/10. Home got 9/10. Big Hero 6 also got 9/10. Fast Furious 7 got 8/10. Cinderella got 8/10. And The Divergent Series: Insurgent got 7/10.

So there we have it. You should go and see The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water this Easter if we occur to be a chicken, or a rabbit, or an idiot, or have managed to review this all a approach to a finish since that also means you’re substantially an idiot. Look during me, Mum! I’m a journalist!

‘Can’t we only uncover a bucket of film trailers to chickens and rabbits?’

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