Blumhouse strictly announced that prolongation has started on a Halloween reboot in South Carolina by a amicable media post. Production was ostensible to have started behind in Oct of 2017, though casting was reportedly an emanate that bogged a whole plan down. Whatever a box might be, a Halloween reboot is behind on lane and appears to be gripping a Oct 2018 recover date. It was recently announced that original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle will be returning to play The Shape once some-more along with Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode.

Rough House Pictures took to Instagram to wish a Halloween reboot a happy initial day of filming in a video that facilities a lady dancing with a iconic Michael Myers facade along with a strange John Carpenter measure in a background. It was reported behind in Nov that prolongation grinded to a hindrance due to casting issues. However, those reports also forked to a Jan to Feb prolongation start, so it looks like prolongation is relocating full steam forward to get a film ready for a Oct 19th, 2018 recover date.

With a lapse of Jamie Lee Curtis, a Halloween reboot has combined a lot of additional pressure. Fans of a strange Halloween cinema have been doubtful about a plan given it was initial announced, especially due to Danny McBride and David Gordon Green’s impasse in a project. Many insincere that a duo, essentially famous for comedy, would have no thought what to do with a Halloween authorization and worse yet, several fans believed that a plan would get incited into a joke. McBride and Green have turned those fears into excitement as they have been articulate about staying loyal to a suggestion of a strange film and ignoring a sequels. This information along with a lapse of strange expel members has put faith into a plan along with additional vigour to live adult to a hype.

In a new interview, Danny McBride suggested that they were ignoring a events of a sequels and were flattering most treating a new Halloween reboot as a sequel to a strange movie. He also suggested that they’re going to be operative with tragedy as against to gore in a movie, a trait that a strange film used expertly. Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode doesn’t even unequivocally know about Michael Myers until a finish of a initial movie, that is something that McBride and David Gordon Green will regulating to their advantage for a new movie.

Though Danny McBride, David Gordon Green, and Jason Blum have oral a lot about a Halloween reboot and what it will be, we still don’t have a sum per what it will be about. Blum has betrothed that a film will keep a Oct 19th, 2018 recover date, though what accurately are Halloween fans going to see on a large shade this entrance Halloween? Hopefully a group can keep a story of a film a tip until it hits theaters. In a meantime, we can check out a proclamation of a initial day of filming below, pleasantness of Rough House Pictures’ Instagram account.

Blumhouse’s New Halloween Movie Officially Begins Shooting

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