Following a launch of Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV, Apple has increasing a Twitter participation with a new comment dedicated to all things Apple TV. The change sees a aged @iTunesMovies comment rebrand with a new @AppleTV handle, and a initial new twitter from a comment promotes a Apple TV app and Amazon Prime Video support. You can still find tweets from a strange comment low in a timeline while a aged hoop is now stable so it can’t be reused outward of Apple.

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Apple’s TV app is accessible on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad, and a new @AppleTV comment seems focused on that app contra a set tip box hardware specifically. While a program is simply called TV, Apple does impute to it as a Apple TV app as well.

In further to compelling today’s launch of Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV (3rd gen and newer) that has formation with Apple’s TV app, a newly rebranded comment also highlights Live Sports facilities that were introduced with tvOS 11.2 this week.

Live sports formation works with live games broadcasted from ESPN with live scores and diversion time remaining displayed opposite mixed live games on a singular interface. Scores can be optionally dark as well. As partial of live sports integration, a TV app can send alerts for tighten games so we can switch to those as they happen. The TV app also gains a new Sports add-on as partial of a refurbish with a many new sports categories presented initial formed on what is in season.

While Amazon Prime Video and Live Sports are both finally here, we’re still available News formation in a TV app and a wider rollout to a UK and elsewhere that were both betrothed this year however.

The new Twitter comment might also be a step toward Apple repackaging a video efforts in to a new streaming service. Apple now has mixed strange array in a works with tip names like Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Anniston. Apple’s existent video efforts are squeezed in to Apple Music, nonetheless Carpool Karaoke and Planet of a Apps were both grown before Jamie Ehrlicht and Zack Van Amburg were hired from Sony Television to lead Apple’s TV efforts.

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Apple rebrands iTunes Movies with new @AppleTV comment on Twitter

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