ALLEN, Texas — Even before we see a movie, we competence feel like you’re in one during Cinemark Allen’s newest auditorium.

It’s called Camp Cinemark, a first-of-its-kind judgment in North Texas, designed privately for families with immature kids. It non-stop final week.

As shortly as we travel in a wilderness-themed auditorium, you’ll see a cavern kids can stand in. There’s also a hulk digital shade on that kids can tone rotating cinema of animals. If crayons are some-more their style, you’ll find those, too, alongside colorful kid-sized stools. 

And that’s only in a hallway, before we get to a large screen. 


The seating area is geared toward immature kids also, finish with colorful hulk bean bag chairs adult front. 

When a lights are dimmed, they stay splendid adequate to keep an eye on your kids.

“Kids can feel gentle removing adult and walking around, relocating around a auditorium, perplexing out some of a opposite chairs,” pronounced James Meredith, Cinemark’s comparison vice-president of selling and communications. 

If it sounds like it could get distracting, relatives don’t seem to mind. 

“Awesome. we meant keep them engaged, give them something else to do if they get a small bit antsy,” pronounced Robert Marramore, a father of four-year-old twins who attempted out Camp Cinemark Tuesday. 

“Not to have to go into a film and contend ‘Shhh” would be awesome!” pronounced Claire Hardin, who took her five-year-old grandson Jack Conger to a cinema Tuesday. “This is an overwhelming place for kids that are so active, they have a tough time sitting in a movie.”


“I cruise this museum is awesome,” pronounced Conger.

Plano-based Cinemark is contrast a judgment in Allen. If it’s successful, they’ll cruise expanding it during other locations opposite a country. 

“Younger families generally always feel like, ‘Well if we move my immature kiddo in, are they going to be disruptive, are they going to emanate an sourroundings that’s going to be uncomfortable?'” pronounced Meredith. “It’s about a experience. We’re perplexing to emanate a best out-of-home knowledge that we can.”

There are some belligerent rules.

All kids contingency come with an adult, and no adults can come but kids. It’s always manned by a staff member. Only G and PG rated cinema play during Camp Cinemark. There is also a family restroom right subsequent door. 

The cost is a same as other auditoriums in a theater, and we can buy tickets online or in person. You can also lease Camp Cinemark for special events like birthday parties or propagandize groups, and a handful of people have already indifferent it, pronounced Meredith. 

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Allen cinema fuses playground, film museum into one

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