During a brief existence, we’ve finished some flattering groundless connectors betweens things happening in a universe and sports. Like we’ve finished this multiple times. It’s partial of a charm. But we might have outdone ourselves with this one. Admittedly, this is as groundless as it gets. But we trust we will be entertained, regardless.

On Tuesday, a trailer for Michael Bay’s new blockbuster film about #benghazi strike YouTube. On Friday, Major League Baseball’s appearing trade deadline presents a probability of many blockbuster trades––nearly all of that will after be denied by a New York Mets front office, who will censure amicable media for a disaster to supplement a bat.

So in respect of Blockbuster Week—a tenure that we’ve now coined privately for this story, and will positively demeanour to heading for destiny profit—and to ready your mind for Cole Hamels going to a Rangers and a Mets perfectionist that a Tigers give adult Yoenis Cespedes for literally nothing, here is a supercut of a opening stage for a trailer of each Michael Bay film in sequential sequence (completists might ask since a 1994 Meat Loaf song video or 1990 Playboy centerfold video that Bay destined do not appear. But we are tying this to usually his cinematic releases. We have standards.).

So yeah, this was a groundless connection. Mostly, we only wanted to uncover we a supercut that we combined since we trust it should be common with a world. Don’t fake we didn’t suffer it.

A Supercut of Michael Bay Movie Trailers is Sports

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