It’s Dec already that means we’re dual weeks divided from a premiere of a film each Star Wars fan out there will wish to watch. Rogue One launches on Dec 16th, and tickets are already on sale online. But until then, we’ve copiousness of other trailers to check out, including Tom Cruise’s The Mummy.

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Beauty and a Beast

We already saw the initial Beauty and a Beast trailer, so it’s time to check out a slight movement of it, a general shave for Disney’s prohibited new film.


What would we do to get your hands on a genocide certificate that would give we entrance to a good inheritance? Would we revisit a creepy mental institution? That’s what Eloise is about, and yes, it’s a fear crack attack cinemas in December.

Rogue One

Ok, so I’m somewhat intrigue here. We’ve got new footage from Rogue One, though it’s not a trailer. Even so, it’s value watching, as Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso kicks some Stormtrooper donkey in good style.


The Now You See Me cinema done sorcery good again. Sleight is a new sorcery film entrance out subsequent April, and it’s about a immature travel wizard who has to take caring of his sister after their mom passes away. The kicker? He will mix sorcery with drug dealing.

The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment seems elementary enough: The employees of Belko have to kill 3 people inside a association that’s on close down. Otherwise, whoever is job a shots will kill 6 of them. And that’s only proviso 1:

The Mummy

Yes, there are too many cinema about mummies. But there wasn’t one starring Tom Cruise, so he had to repair it. The Mummy premieres on Jun 9th, so there’s copiousness of time to see some-more footage. Aside from Cruise, we have Sofia Boutella personification a Mummy, and Russell Crowe, personification a Dr. Henry Jekyll. Yes, that Dr. Jekyll.

The Shack

Opening on Mar 3, The Shack is a film about a male (Sam Worthington) who’s traffic with a detriment of his daughter when all of a remarkable God (Octavia Spencer) calls him adult for a meeting.

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