We are now vital in a Golden Age of Food Entertainment. Every month, a vital streaming services get a handful of new shows and documentaries about chefs, restaurants, and a ways people eat around a world. Here’s a demeanour during what’s new to tide in March:

Samurai Gourmet (Netflix, available March 17)

Fans of Japanese manga will wish to balance into Samurai Gourmet. Adapted from actor Masayumi Kasuki’s letter and comic of a same name, this 12-episode array follows a newly late Kasuki as he “discovers a joys of daytime celebration and a fulfilment that he is now giveaway to eat and splash what he wants, when he wants.” Who can’t describe to that? This greedy awakening allows Kasuki to excavate into a universe of anticipation and reimagine himself as a samurai soldier in a time of Japan’s polite wars. [Watch a trailer]

Food Chains (Hulu, available March 5)

This documentary boasts actor Eva Longoria and Eric Schlosser, whose prior work includes Food Inc. and Fast Food Nation, as producers. Farmworkers offer as a fortitude of America’s food industry. Many understanding with awful operative conditions, wherein they face earthy abuse, passionate harassment, and basic wages. The creators of Food Chains hope their exposé will lift adequate recognition to urge a lives of these workers. [Watch a trailer]

Sustainable (Netflix, Now available)

Winner of a 2016 Accolade Global Humanitarian Award for Outstanding Achievement, Sustainable investigates a crowd of environmental and rural issues that bluster America’s food supply. At a core of a documentary is seventh-generation rancher Marty Travis, who is fighting a corporate tillage attention by heading a tolerable food transformation in Chicago. [Watch a trailer]

The Mind of a Chef, Seasons 1-4 (Netflix, Now available)

After ditching a streaming use in 2015, The Mind of a Chef is behind on Netflix. Seasons 1 by 4 underline superstars David Chang, Sean Brock, Ed Lee, and Gabrielle Hamilton, respectively. Each part is narrated by globe-trotting epicure Anthony Bourdain’s silky-smooth voice. [Watch a Season 4 trailer]

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (Netflix, Now available)

Late-night people examination during a greasy ladle is a entertainment around a world. This scripted array spans 10 episodes and gives viewers a glance into a existence of a Tokyo caf� open usually after midnight (Kaoru Kobayashi plays a indistinguishable owner, who characters simply impute to as “Master”). Each installment focuses on a opposite arrange of Japanese comfort food, such as tanmen noodles, boiled rice omelets, and preserved plums, and sum how specific dishes emotionally ring with a diner’s expel of regulars. Although it’s not new to Netflix as of this month, this new attainment is starting to beget a cult following here in a states, since it’s great. [Watch a trailer]

Hungry for more? Check out Eater’s beam to notable food and drink-related shows to stream, categorized by streaming service:

TV Shows:
Anthony Bourdain: A Cook’s Tour [Season 1 and 2]
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown [Seasons 1 by 6]
Avec Eric [entire series]
Chef’s Table [Seasons 1 to 3]
Cooked [Season 1]
The Great British Bake-Off [Seasons 1 by 3]
I’ll Have What Phil’s Having [Season 1]
Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories [Season 1]
Mind of a Chef [Seasons 1 by 4]
The Wild Chef [Seasons 1 and 2]

Fed Up
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
The Missing Ingredient
Noma: My Perfect Storm
The Search for General Tso
Super Size Me
Somm: Into a Bottle
The Trip
The Trip in Italy

TV Shows:
After Hours With Daniel Boulud
A Cook’s Tour [Seasons 1 and 2]
Cake Boss [Seasons 9 by 11]
The Chef [Season 6]
Top Chef Masters [Seasons 1 by 6]
From Martha’s Kitchen [Seasons 1 by 7]
Hell’s Kitchen [Season 16]
Masterchef [Season 7]
Kitchen Confidential [The ephemeral Bradley Cooper sitcom]
Top Chef [Seasons 1 by 13]


Ants on a Shrimp
City of Gold
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Kampai! For a Love of Sake

TV Shows/Documentaries:

Anthony Bourdain Explains Everything
The Chef’s Bar
Deli Man
Finding Gaston
Food Chains
Great Chefs of France
Great Chefs of New Orleans
Great Chefs of a South
Eat a World With Emeril
Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story
The Restaurateur

All Coverage of Food TV [E]

5 New Food Shows & Movies to Stream This Month

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