Some cinema are distinguished for their gorgeous on-screen performances, their startling cinematography or shining screenplays. Others, however, turn barbarous for a on-set clashes, histrionics, flare-ups, walk-outs and grudges that explode between a film industry’s immeasurable array of divas. Be it directors opposite actors or actors branch on associate thespians, a unsure foundations of film projects are never utterly protected when Hollywood’s prima donnas take to centre stage.

Of march a reasons for these feuds can be as sundry as a cross-genre Terry Gilliam mash-up. Punishing work conditions, unconstrained retakes of scenes, studio pressure, financiers pulling a plug, and extras refusing to take it anymore- films have valid to be cauldrons of bomb emotions, mostly with waggish results.

So, from bomb rants that went viral to handbags-at-dawn, here are a films that were roughly crippled by a feuds behind them.

10 Major On-Set Clashes That Almost Ruined Recent Movies

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